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Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR)

The Entrepreneur in Residence exists to help entrepreneurs solve whatever problems they're facing. The EIR is free resource to entrepreneurs that can provide mentorship, feedback, workshops and sessions, resources, and personal connections at any stage of business.

How the EIR can help you:
  • Personal meetings and mentorship
  • Goal and milestone planning
  • Pitch deck resources and feedback
  • Business plan resources and feedback
  • Ideation sessions
  • Prototyping sessions
  • Lean startup sessions
  • Design thinking sessions
  • Personal connections and introductions to designers, developers, business leaders, investors, and more.

Maker in Residence (MIR)

The Maker in Residence exists to help artists, creatives, and inventors turn their work in to a sustainable business. The MIR is a free resource that connects makers to the tools and people that get them closer to their goals of using their passion as a way to make their communities stronger.

How the MIR can help you:
  • Personal meetings and mentorship
  • Goal and milestone planning
  • Customer development
  • Marketing and promotional planning
  • Retail and wholesale strategy
  • Sourcing, manufacturing and vendor relationships
  • Partnership and distribution strategy
  • Pricing and cost analysis
  • Personal connections and introductions to designers, artists, craftsmen and women, business leaders, investors, and more.

Jake Elia

Your Entrepreneur in Residence

About Jake

Jake Elia is an entrepreneur and product developer who was born, raised, and living in Northern California. Currently Head of Products & Technology at Bamboo Creative, he leads a team to create digital experiences for clients ranging from local businesses to Fortune 100 companies. Jake started his first business at seventeen years of age. Since then he has launched several businesses and numerous digital products. Self proclaimed jack of all trades, his experience ranges from launching brick and mortar restaurants and cafes like Bloom Coffee & Tea to investor backed startups like Snippet App and Booklaunch.

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Trisha Rhomberg

Your Maker in Residence

About Trisha

Artist Trisha Rhomberg has dedicated her life to collaborating with other makers, musicians, and entrepreneurs. In 2007, Trisha and her business partner opened Bows and Arrows, a hub for creatives where Trisha helped other artists grow. For seven years, this business helped support hundreds of local creatives. Makers Mart, a handmade shopping event showcasing local craftsmen, was born out of Bows and Arrows. In 2015, Trisha opened Old Gold with partner Rachel Fowler. Old Gold offers both vintage and handmade goods from Sacramento and beyond. Located in the Warehouse Artist Lofts’ Public Market, on R Street, Old Gold is a place for people to connect and discover. The move to R Street has brought about new projects for Trisha that include curating the WAL Public Market Gallery, hosting live music on the rooftop, and organizing the annual R Street Block Party & Makers Mart which draw over 3500 people each summer. Trisha is originally from St. Louis, Missouri. She moved to Sacramento in 2001 to be closer to mountains, beaches, forests and the diverse culture that Northern California offers.

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